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“Red, White, Yellow, Blue, All Out but You:” Status Effects on Team Formation, an Expectation States Theory

Social Psychology Quarterly 2016

In this paper, we focus on factors that could impact team formation when individuals are given the opportunity to select their teammates.  We develop and test a theory of team formation grounded in expectation states scholarship.

By: J. Skvoretz & J. Bailey

The Social‐psychological Aspects of Team Formation: New Avenues for Research.

Sociology Compass 2017

By: J. Bailey & J. Skvoretz

In this paper, we show how contributions from social psychology have informed research on team formation via partner selection processes. We note the emergence of four major social psychological mechanisms (i.e. competence, homophily, familiarity, and affect) of team formation examined throughout the literature.

Book Review: “Partners or Rivals? Power and Latino, Black, and White Relations in the Twenty‐First Century” by Betina Cutaia Wilkinson.

Ethnic and Racial Studies 2017

In this review, I summarize the book’s contents and critique some substantive and methodological aspects of the presented research. I note that the author's conflation of race with ethnicity renders the findings of their study questionable.

By: J. Bailey

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